Creative Prague

Culture creates an image of the city and is a major contributor to improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.

But do we really see it as a priority, able to stimulate the economy and develop society as a whole?

Prague has long defined itself as a city with a deep cultural heritage, but there is no doubt that it is not currently an authentic and vibrant cultural centre, providing a creative experience. This issue is frequently discussed, but we have not yet been able to develop Prague’s cultural potential in a manner than reflects its potential and its needs.

So what is preventing us? If we want to strengthen Prague’s position in an imaginary competition with other cities, we have to focus not only on caring for what we have inherited, but in particular on filling the “city of culture” with real content.

We want to:


To set a long-term project agenda to provide conceptual support and to develop the cultural and creative sector in Prague.


To establish a permanent support framework to implement cultural measures in the Prague Strategic Plan


To create new links between the municipal authorities, local academia, the business and non-profit sectors and representatives of the creative sector.


support the development of culture and creativity on a local level in Prague’s districts and to contribute to a picture of Prague as a living, creative city for its inhabitants.


The aim of the Prague Creative Center is to transform the derelict “Town Hall houses” in the historic center of Prague into a hub of education, culture and creativity. více



The new Prague Strategic Plan will introduce a number of measures intended to reinforce the role of culture as an important driver of development in the city.více


Culture is a key instrument to develop community life. The Art District 7 project establishes a systematic approach for the emergence of a functioning creative area within the Prague 7 city district.více